You Can Conquer Cancer

Ian Gawler’s ‘You Can Conquer Cancer’ is a widely read classic on cancer management and survival. Despite losing a leg to cancer and the recurrence of the disease, he did not lose hope. In his book, he shares inspiring lessons through a very personal journey.

The moment I was diagnosed I was overwhelmed with love and support and a myriad of information, advice and survival guides in all shapes and forms including Ian Gawler's book that a dear friend kindly gifted me along with some other inspirational and healing tokens. I then received the same book from two other friends so I felt compelled to make it a priority to read it ahead of other literature that had been sent to me.

It was the best thing I did and I highly recommend it!

Ian Gawler’s personal experience, coupled with his tremendous wisdom gained from running cancer support groups,  gives this book a rare depth and richness that is sure to enrich the lives of survivors and care givers alike. In 1987, Ian was awarded the Order Of Australia medal in recognition of his services to the community … he is a real inspiration to us all!

You could be a thriver too

Ian Gawler was a young Australian vet and athlete who developed bone cancer and had one leg amputated in 1975. Later that year the cancer returned. Ian then developed an effective self-help program with the key principles: healthy diet, positive attitude, meditation and loving support. Ian made a remarkable recovery. Considered a modern-day miracle, he is widely recognised and quoted around the world. He shares his personal experience as a cancer ‘thriver’ in this practical and inspiring guide for recovery and healing. Regarded as a revolutionary book when first published in 1984, it has become a classic in the subject of cancer prevention and management. Gawler’s ideas, which were described as ‘mumbo-jumbo’ by a skeptical media at the time of publication have since received substantial scientific recognition and validation.

Meditation is as important as medication

Ian emphasizes the importance of regular meditation to support healing. Through step-by-step activities that can easily be incorporated into our daily routine, he shows us how meditation can lead to better health, both mental and physical.📷

The Need for a Healthy Diet

Beyond just talking about the importance of a balanced diet, Gawler provides an elaborate diet chart and guidelines that can be customised to your needs.

“A healthy diet is the gateway to recovery”


  • What negative thoughts come to your mind every time there is an obstacle or setback during your cancer journey?

  • How can transform the negativity to hope?

  • Where can complementary therapies like meditation, yoga, diet etc. come in to support medical treatment?

  • What lifestyle changes can you make to aid healing?

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