The Desiderata

The Desiderata is a famous poem, grounded in psychology, philosophy and science,  written by American lawyer and poet Max Ehrmann.  It has been inspiring readers for nearly a century encouraging us to live an authentic lifestyle and to achieve peace and joy whilst loving each other, no matter what, as we share our time on earth and navigate life.


Some of the lyrics, of Ehrmann's prose, reverberated through me as a very young child enticing a keen interest and love for its teachings.  In my humble opinion it connects with the everyday existence of ordinary people and is an anodyne with infinite wisdom that has been a guiding light for me for years and a balm for the soul.

I have this meaningful poem in many forms as a helpful guide to a happy life.  I find it powerful, motivational, humbling and inspiring. 


I created the video below with music and images that I hope you may find some enjoyment in.

~ Tracey


Love Yourself Feed Your Soul Be Energised Life Balance Respect your Body Breathe in Nutrients 

Live Well Be the Best Version of YOU Spread Kindness in Abundance  Peaceful Heart   Dance like no one is watching Embrace who you are  Acceptance

Celebrate Life The great outdoors

Humility  Gratitude  equality

Universal Love



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